Enhance rooms with natural light

Sun tunnel filling room with natural light
If you are fed up of dark and dingy living spaces, due to particular rooms that don’t face the sun, or have no room for windows and doors – you are in luck!

We can install the latest sun tunnels, which funnel in natural light and fill rooms – making them look brighter and feel more spacious.

How do they work?

Sun tunnels, also called sun pipes and light tubes, capture natural light on a flat or pitched roof. The light is then transported through a reflective tube, into the room below.

This makes them ideal for dingy bathrooms, lounges, kitchens – any room that requires more light, or that you want to enhance.

Great for the energy efficiency-minded

Sun tunnels don’t just transform spaces – they can help to reduce your carbon footprint too. Installing them even in rooms with sufficient lighting will mean that energy can be saved, as the lights will only need to be turned on when it gets dark.

Sun tunnels can also provide an answer for homes prone to damp or condensation – a selection of sun tunnels can provide a natural airflow, which is great for your quality of life.

Suitable for all homes across West Sussex and London

Wherever you reside, a sun tunnel could enhance your home’s living spaces. As long as the tunnel’s tube will have access to a roof, a sun tunnel can be installed into any room. It is particularly ideal for dark areas such as bathrooms, hallways or stairways, and avoids the need to install windows and doors.

Sun tunnels are therefore ideal for any budget, and allow all homeowners to benefit from enhanced natural light, which can do amazing things for your mood and general quality of life.

Sun tunnels from Newview are some of the latest available on the market, meaning you can gain peace of mind that they will offer lasting benefits, without needing maintenance. Enquire with us today to find out how your home, whether it be more traditional or contemporary, could benefit.