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The latest uPVC sash windows for West Sussex homes

If you are fed up with constantly having to sand down, repaint and even repair your timber sashes, then uPVC sash windows are a great solution. Equally, if your timber windows are beyond repair, uPVC is a cost-effective alternative.

uPVC had a bad name a few decades ago, but today can seriously enhance your home – inside and out! Whatever style of property you live in, uPVC sash windows can add a touch of elegance and character. They are equally suitable for new builds as they are for traditional cottages – all you need to worry about is choosing your favourite colour!

What makes modern uPVC so good?

Modern uPVC sash windows are strong, energy efficient and have slimmer frames then ever before.

Featuring multiple internal chambers that trap heat, uPVC helps to prevent cold spots and draughts. The design of the profile is also built to last – it is strong and won’t discolour or be easily forced into. This is great news for anyone looking for cost-effective style, energy efficiency and security solutions.

Customised for your home

The beauty of uPVC sash windows isn’t just their suitability for all budgets! They can be easily customised to match your personal taste and the existing character of your home.

Opt for woodgrain colours, Astragal bars, run-through sash horns and custom hardware – all of which combine to give identical aesthetics to traditional timber sashes (passersby won’t even be able to tell the difference).

The sash window experts

The Newview teams of expert window installers have pleased hundreds of customers across West Sussex, Heathrow and the wider regions.

Our uPVC sash windows offer impressive looks and performance benefits, which make them a cost-effective solution, whatever your budget.