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Authentic looks with features fit for the modern home with timber sash windows

Contemporary design meets traditional beauty with a timber sash window from Newview. Whether you’re replacing your original wooden sash windows or are looking to bring vintage aesthetics successfully to your home, timber sliding sash windows can instantly add a sense of elegance and character to any style property in the surrounding Sussex areas.

Secure, durable and stylish timber sash windows in the surrounding Sussex area

High performance timber sash windows are now significantly easier to maintain compared to when they were originally implemented, able to incorporate such features as double glazing and multi-point locking for the finest security in the surrounding Sussex area. Newview Windows can readily install timber sliding sash windows into any house situated Greater London, Sussex, Oxfordshire and beyond!

All of our timber windows allow for a great deal of customisability and customisation also, readily available in either softwood or hardwood. The difference between the two largely concerns their density, but hardwoods are most commonly used for homeowners that wish to apply a painted coat. Timber windows from Newview can be supplied in various different effects and colours.

Natural and sustainable wooden windows in Sussex from Newview

In addition to their natural, authentic look, timber sash windows have a long service life, being sustainable and extremely easy to clean. Whereas many uPVC window profiles often need replacing after 30 years, our timber casement windows can work efficiently for anywhere up to 60. This means that although timber may seem quite costly now, it’s an investment in which homeowners get what they pay for!

Thermally efficient timber sash windows in East Sussex

Modern timber sash windows typically share the same standard thermal performance as the general uPVC window, meaning that Ease Sussex homeowners no longer need to design between aesthetics and performance. Each timber window style can be glazed with a second or even third layer, to ensure you’re never left out in the cold.

Contrary to popular belief, timber windows no longer require large amounts of maintenance in order to keep them looking as stunning as the day they were first installed. Simply re-varnishing every 6-8 years will ensure that they always make your home look distinct, naturally insulating your home for many years to come also.