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Casement windows are the UK’s most popular style of window. At Newview we can install casements in either side-hung, top-hung or bottom-hung configurations (or a combination of these) to suit all styles of homes and available spaces.

Our casement windows have been designed to suit any home – modern or traditional. But they don’t just look good – they also offer amazing performance, using the latest hardware and double glazing as standard.

uPVC, timber, aluminium or composite materials

Depending on your requirements, we can supply casements in four material choices: uPVC, timber, aluminium and composite.

With extra deep profiles, we can provide reinforced uPVC casement windows which reduce energy losses by more than 70%. Not only does this mean your window will offer amazing security, but also great energy efficiency. Our timber casements also don’t compromise on performance, coming with hardware certified by British Standards for security.

Composite and aluminium windows, meanwhile, are becoming an increasingly popular choice in the UK homeowner market. Both offer incredible levels of strength, which means that you get more window and less frame for stunning aesthetics. Because of their high levels of strength, they’re amazingly secure and offer some of the best protection against intrusion currently available.

  • uPVC windows: uPVC casements from Newview suit both modern and traditional homes. With different frame styles and a wide range of foiled finishes, they’re made to suit your home – meaning you get the exact look you’re after. They also provide high levels of energy efficiency thanks to a multi chamber design and double glazing as standard, helping you save money on your energy bills.
  • Timber windows: If you’re looking for the ultimate in authenticity, Newview also supply a range of timber casement windows which are perfect for period properties and renovation projects. With a beautiful flush design, they are supplied with high quality hinges and handles, as well as sophisticated locking systems and drainage routes. This ensures that they are both high performance as well as aesthetically pleasing.
  • Aluminium windows: Aluminium casement windows are ideal for those looking for the most durable glazing solution available. Aluminium windows offer the highest levels of strength of all materials, and are extremely resistant to corrosion. Thanks to their increased strength, aluminium casements can also provide improved aesthetics, slimmer sightlines and larger areas of glazing for more light. Depending on your security requirements, they can be supplied with either external or internal beading.
  • Composite windows: Alongside our uPVC, timber and aluminium casement window options, Newview also supply high specification composite windows which are strong, durable and efficient – whilst still maintaining sleek and modern aesthetics. Built with a unique, 100% recyclable fibre composite material, our composite windows have amazing strength and incorporate a six chambered design to give them excellent thermal retention. Our composite casements are low maintenance, offer slim sightlines, and are perfect for both modern and traditional properties.
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