Keep unwanted noise where it belongs – outsideHeathrow housing noise reduction

Imagine the scenario. You’ve just got home, made yourself a drink and you’re about to sit down to relax; perhaps you’re going to read a book, check your e-mails or just have a moment of quiet.

You sit back in your most comfortable chair but wait, what’s that noise? You get up to see if you’ve left a door or window open. But no, the noise from outside is coming from the main road which runs close to your home.If this all sounds too familiar, you’ve probably got a problem with your double glazing.



Why is noise penetrating my double glazed windows?

Double glazed windows are designed to reduce outside noise. If excessive noise is penetrating your home, it’s likely that a part of your windows has failed. This could be a problem with the window frame, the seal between the frame and the glass or the frame and the building, or a problem with the glass itself.

If your windows are over 10 years old, then it’s likely that the seals have deteriorated. It is possible to replace the window’s seal but it will only be a temporary solution. If the windows weren’t very well installed in the first place the problem will be difficult to rectify. If you really want to create a quiet and calm interior to your home, the best solution is a professionally installed window replacement.

Soundproof windows from Newview

At Newview, we install a range of soundproof windows to help homeowners to enjoy a quieter living environment. We install a variety of windows designed to reduce noise including acoustic glass double glazing, as well as secondary glazing. When combined with secondary glazing, our windows can have a significant impact on your home’s acoustic insulation capacity. When tested for decibel reduction, the acoustic/secondary glazing combination can reduce noise penetration levels by up to 40 decibels. This is a significantly higher reduction than the recommended 30 decibels for a typical residential area.

Newview Windows are part of the Heathrow Noise Scheme. Our acoustic windows have been installed on thousands of properties located close to Heathrow Airport. Airport noise is a considerable problem for many people in the UK, particularly in Central London. Exposure to excessive levels of exterior noise can have an extremely negative impact on your day to day life.

If you live near an airport or in a busy city centre or close to a main road and you’re fed up with your home being too noisy, even when the windows are closed, Newview can help. For more information about our range of soundproof windows or any of our products and services contact us today. Call us on 01903 244 449 or send us a message online.