French doorsA steadily popular style of the patio door, French doors tend to be constructed from either uPVC, aluminium or timber. Of course, when different materials are used, their features tend to differ somewhat. So to give you an idea of which material is best for French patio doors we’ve had a look at their respective qualities.

uPVC French doors

  • As the most cost-effective material the initial expenditure to have a set of uPVC French doors fitted is lower than with timber and aluminium variants.
  • They can be adapted to suit almost any property. If you opt for a set from Newview, we can colour them in virtually any shade.
  • Occasionally wiping them down with a soft cloth and warm water is all the maintenance they’ll need.
  • uPVC is renowned for its ability to insulate homes effectively, meaning there’s a good chance they’ll knock considerable amounts off your energy bills.
  • The frames can begin to discolour after years of sun exposure. Bear this in mind if you’re planning on having a set of French doors fitted in an area that is continually exposed to the sun.

Aluminium French doors

  • Aluminium is an incredibly durable material; it will not rot, twist or warp after continued weather exposure and should last for years with only minimal maintenance.
  • Because aluminium is an inherently strong material, aluminium French doors tend to have the slimmest framing. Generally, this means more light is able to make its way inside the home. However, because they’re only slightly slimmer than other materials, this difference is likely to be marginal at best.
  • Because of their sleek appearance, they’re regularly considered ideal for achieving a modern aesthetic.
  • Aluminium tends to perform the worst in terms of thermal efficiency, meaning it offers the least potential to save on your energy costs.

Timber French patio doors

  • Cheap timber can be prone to warping, so if you’re opting for timber make sure it’s of good quality.
  • Timber doors tend to require the most maintenance, requiring staining at least semi-regularly to maintain their appearance and preventing damage occurring from weather exposure. Although, if properly maintained, they can last a lifetime.
  • By its very nature wood is a solid insulator, meaning they offer solid potential to save money on your energy costs.
  • However, timber also tends to be the most expensive material, meaning the initial outlay is higher.

Stylish, high-quality French doors supplied to Worthing and beyond

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