Say hello to keyless doors with a smart lock

Home security is one of the most important considerations for many UK homeowners. Newview can help you to select and install the right smart lock technology for your home. Smart Locks can be factory fitted to new doors, or retro fitted to compatible doors.

Why fit a smart lock?

Smart locks allow you to open & lock doors in a way that suits you. Whether you choose uPVC doors or composite doors, using the latest technology, smart locks put you in full control of who can enter your home, and when. The locks are keyless so there’s no more hiding spare keys under doormats or plant pots.

Whenever the door is locked or unlocked, a sensor in the lock sends a message to the user’s phone. If anyone attempts to force the door open, an alert will be sent to you so you can contact the police.

Smart locks are designed to give homeowners peace of mind that your home is safe and secure even when out at work or away on holiday. Smart locks let you:

  • Check the door’s status at any time and from any place.
  • Share keys remotely with other family members or close friends.
  • Receive notifications every time the door is locked or unlocked.
  • Geofenced self-locking meaning you should never get too far away from your home leaving your doors unlocked.

Always have a ‘spare key’ handy

Never get caught locked out without keys again and always stay in control of who’s coming in and leaving your house. With a smart lock you can also send mobile keys to family and friends, giving you total control of who you let into your home. You can select to give access for a just few hours, days or weeks at a time.

Kubu smart locks

The Kubu Smart Lock has been developed to give homeowners the ultimate peace of mind that your home is secure. With the Smart Lock installed and activated, you can check whether their door is locked or unlocked at anytime from anywhere on your smartphone.

Not only does it check the status, it can notify your whenever the door is locked or unlocked, it can be shared with members of your family, and it will let you know if you’ve left home without locking their door.

Things to consider when fitting smart locks

Kubu is one of a range of smart locks available. They vary a fair bit when it comes to price, functionality and appearance, so it’s worth considering the following before you start shopping around:

Check your lock

Installation can be tricky and needs to be carried out by a professional, and if you don’t have a compatible door, completely impossible. Make sure you get your doors checked before buying a smart lock, or better still, install a factory fitted door with smart locks pre-fitted and ready to go.

Smart home integration

If you’re after a truly smart home experience, check the smart lock’s compatibility with Alexa, Google or Apple. This can make things even easier, and you may be able to control multiple devices in combo with your lock.

WiFi or Bluetooth

Not all smart locks work in the same way and some might not be able to be controlled remotely without something connecting it to the internet. Check if the lock you’re planning to buy allows remote access if you want to be able to lock and unlock the door from while you’re away from your home at the shops, work, or even abroad.

We’ll help you find the right solution for your home

At Newview we have a wide range of experience and options for new doors and smart locks. Find out more by calling us on 01903 244 449 or send us a message.