Tommy SilhouetteNovember 11th 2018 officially marked 100 years since the fighting ended in World War One. Billed the ‘war to end war’ at the time of the conflict, it’s been estimated to have caused around 37 million total casualties. Casualties from the British Empire accounting for just under 3.2 million of them. Right across the UK, local councils held remembrance services, where millions of families could pay their respects to those that lost their lives in the conflict.

Various local councils sought to commemorate the event with the purchase of Tommy silhouettes. Tommy silhouettes are 6ft high aluminium sculptures of an outline of a soldier. This is to symbolise the message of There But Not There. There But Not There is a project that aims to commemorate those that died in WW1, educate all generations about what led to the deaths of British and Commonwealth military personnel and heal the veterans of today by selling Tommies to raise funds for them to use.

In the build-up to the Centenary of Armistice Day, however, a number of local councils said they couldn’t afford to buy these Tommy silhouettes. So as we’re based in Worthing, we rang the local council here to see if they were one of them. Worthing council informed us that they wanted to purchase 5 Tommy silhouettes, although they could only afford 3. As our way of giving thanks to those that gave their lives in WW1, we decided to donate the other 2. These statues are from everyone at Newview Windows & Conservatories and will be a permanent feature around the town. The one pictured is located at the Worthing Boer War Memorial located on Marine Parade.

The Worthing Mayor’s office invited us to attend the Centenary of Armistice Day service, where we saw the Worthing community come together to commemorate this special event. The Newview team were incredibly moved by the service, which reiterated the importance of remembering the sacrifice made by fallen soldiers, lest we forget.

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