There’s no doubt about it, an excessive amount of sound is a nuisance. This is true regardless if it comes from an external source, like an aeroplane, or from your 12-year-old son and his drum kit. Therefore, it’s useful to know how to soundproof a room. As installers and experts of soundproof windows, we’re well-experienced in methods of soundproofing. So, we thought we’d share some noise-reducing ideas for any budget.

Plugging gaps around the door with door sweeps

Exterior of stable door Any gaps beneath the doorway are a passageway for sound to slip through. Installing door sweeps, however, can reduce the amount of sound coming through significantly. They also prevent heat from escaping so will keep rooms warmer too. You can purchase them on Amazon by following the link here.

The side edges are other areas where sound can escape through a door. But, you can lower the amount that seeps through these areas by strategically placing bookcases, cabinets and your other furniture in front of them.

Seal any crevices using acoustic sealant

Crevices located around light fixtures or windows are other hotspots where sound can escape. However, a budget-friendly way of sealing these areas is to use acoustic sealant. Sealant is available from most hardware shops or online.

Utilise any unused mattresses

Although this option is not the most aesthetically pleasing, standing any unused mattresses against a wall is a great way to dampen sound. In smaller rooms, however, a mattress might take up too much of the available space. Alternatively, you could hang thick blankets or tapestries on the walls. These are both available in a variety of designs so are bound to be more visually appealing, plus they’ll almost certainly take up less room.

Lay some rugs on any hardwood floors

Rug on wooden floorHardwood flooring insulates sound very poorly. However, laying some rugs atop any hardwood floors should muffle any sound considerably. Using rugs is also much friendlier on the wallet than paying to have a full carpet fitted. Although, carpeting a room is a great method for soundproofing, for those who can afford it.

Placing egg cartons in the right areas

Eggs in a carton There is some debate about the soundproofing qualities of egg cartons, although they can apparently reduce echo, which makes up a significant portion of overall noise levels. If placed in sensitive locations, egg cartons can supposedly retain sound waves and transform them into heat. A slightly more expensive method for transforming soundwaves into heat is to use cheap soundproofing foam.

Build your own acoustic panels

If you don’t mind the work, an effective method of soundproofing is to make your own acoustic panels. A detailed guide on how to make them is available on the video below:

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