Sleep can be a precious commodity, even at the best of times. Throw in some noisy neighbours or a loud home environment and a good night’s rest is even harder to come by. But, there are several things that can aid you when sleeping with noise. And here at Newview, we’ve compiled a number of them below:


Readily available online or in high street stores, such as Boots, earplugs can be very effective at blocking out noise whilst trying to sleep.

A white noise machine

An alternative to blocking out noise, white noise machines provide a soothing sound for you to focus upon instead. This can help distract you from noises that may disrupt your sleep. For smartphone users, white noise lite, a free white noise machine app, is available on iTunes and Google Play.

a home in need of soundproofing

Soundproof windows

Do you have neighbours that simply refuse to keep the noise down at night? Or, do you live right by some railway lines, an airport or a busy road? Either way, you’re likely, at some point, to have experienced some interference with your sleep. Having soundproof windows installed can lower the level of sound making its way into your home by up to 40 decibels (dB). Available in a variety of window styles, they offer a serious reduction in sound levels and could make all the difference for sleeping with ongoing noise.

Draught blockers for doors & windows

Any exposed areas, including gaps and cracks in doors & windows, are hotspots for sound to make its way into a room. Blocking them is an effective soundproofing method and weatherstripping is one way you can close them off. However, household objects, namely a pillow, can be shoved under the bedroom door to help lower sound levels there.

Tighten or replace squeaky floorboards

White casement windows

How many times have you found yourself creeping across a hallway or the landing during the night, in order to compensate for creaking floorboards? If they’re a continual nuisance to your sleep, tightening them or replacing them altogether can reduce that painful creaking sound.

Carpets & Rugs

Regardless of whether your floorboards creak, a carpeted floor will muffle sound significantly more effectively than exposed wood. Carpeting will also keep the heat in, lowering your energy bills. However, if you don’t fancy having a full carpet fitted, rugs are a good alternative. Plus, they can be hung on walls, which helps to insulate them from sound too.


According to, ‘bookshelves and their heavy, dense books provide excellent sound insulation’. Even a small bookshelf, as long as it’s placed against the wall nearest a source of noise, can effectively reduce sound levels. If you happen to be a big reader, installing bookshelves could be doubly useful for you.

Soundproofing can be highly effective for aiding sleep in noisy environments. And with many methods to explore, we hope you find something to improve your quality of sleep. Interested in learning more about soundproofing? Get in touch with us here at Newview today. You can call us on 01903 244 449 or send us an online message.