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“You can’t put a price on safety” as the old expression goes. One product ideally primed to reinforce this sentiment are high-performance fire doors, that’s purpose – as the title suggests – is to keep homeowners safe in the unlikely event of a fire. The importance of such practices has already unfortunately been highlighted earlier this year with Grenfell, but if anything, this can at least serve as a learning exercise for how crucial fire prevention measures should be.

Fire doors act as the main way in which Newview continues to help homeowners in and around Sussex combat prevent the risk of flame engulfment, being a wildly defensive entrance option. You can always identify a fire door due to their ability to a couple of things:

Preventing flames in the unlikely event of a fire

Whereas other styles will always have a tough time acting as a barrier between you and the flames, Newview Fire Doors incorporate numerous design elements to ensure this is never case. From fire-resistant GRP (glass reinforced plastic) outer coating, 44mm thick slab complete with insulated foam core, and FD30 fired rated glass, every possible necessary step has been taken.

Everything from the door leaf, frame, and any incorporated glazing all successfully work together to hold back fire to give homeowners enough time to make a quick escape. Most homes are compartmentalised in structure, and so the areas a fire can and will most likely spread to can be assessed and largely accounted for.

30 mins of reliable fire resistance

In terms of specifics, our range of insulated fire doors are designed and fully-tested to provide a minimum of up to 30 minutes’ worth of protection in the event of fire spread. Such resistance makes them ideal for integration for those residing in any one of Britain’s social housing sectors, but really, they should be installed in all property types with the explicit hope they’re never needed.

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Practical but attractive entrance designs

Though intended for security and defensive purposes first and foremost, identifying a fire door can prove a tough task due to how well-disguised they are. To the average passer-by fire doors look just like regular doors, keeping its subtle differences largely hidden. This is an important factor of course, because for as preventative as they must be, any entrance to the home is almost-always a fashion statement.

We offer fire doors in a suite of eye-grabbing vivid colours, complete with their own selection of furniture and hardware elements. None ever serve to compromise the overall effectiveness of the slab’s preventative nature, allowing homeowners to implement their own sense of style as well as substance.

What to look for when identifying a fire door

Gaps – the gaps around the tops and sides of the door should be less than four millimetres thick. You can use a pound coin to check this; these are roughly 3mm thick.

Intumescent Seals – an intumescent seal is a heat-sensitive material which prevents the spread of flame and smoke by swelling, in the event of a fire, and thus sealing the gap between door and frame. Check the frame and door profile for thin strip running down the middle.

Hinges – a fire door should always have a minimum of three hinges.

Closing Mechanism – a fire door should close itself firmly from a halfway-open position and should not stick.

Signage – fire door regulations require signage clearly indicating that a fire door is indeed a fire door; this is not always upheld.

Newview fire doors that help ensure your safety

If you’d like to learn more about how a reinforced fire door can give you better peace of mind, feel free to contact us today either via online message or on 01903 244 449.

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