First and foremost, sound pollution is a nuisance. Not only that, but it’s also linked to numerous negative health effects, including high blood pressure and hearing problems. If you happen to live under a flight path, these problems are likely to be exacerbated. But if you’re curious to learn how you can reduce the impact of sound pollution on your life then read on, as we’ve looked into ways that you can control it.

Will installing soundproof windows help reduce noise pollution?

Having some soundproof windows fitted can dramatically reduce the amount of sound pollution disrupting your everyday life. If fitted with secondary glazing too, the amount of external noise that makes its way inside the home can be reduced by up to 40 decibels (dB). If you’re concerned that your desired window style isn’t available, you needn’t be. You can find them in any uPVC window style from Newview, including sash, casement and tilt & turn.

Heathrow’s Night Noise Insulation Scheme and Day Noise Insulation Scheme

Over 700,000 people are affected by noise pollution from Heathrow Airport, however either of these schemes can prevent you from becoming one of them. If you’re eligible for either scheme, you can get 50% off towards replacement noise-reducing windows and free loft insulation. You can redeem this discount at Newview Homes and we’ll install soundproof windows for you. With the third runway at Heathrow Airport being approved, the catchment area for this scheme is likely to enlarge. So if you think you might be eligible to benefit from this scheme, call the Heathrow Noise Help desk on 0800 344844.

Alternative methods to control external sound pollution

  • Roller shutters – these create a barrier between your windows and external sources of noise. Therefore, reducing the amount of sound that makes its way inside.
  • Thick curtains – similarly to roller shutters, an extra barrier is in place between your home and external sources of sound. Noise-absorbing drapes are available, which can reduce external noise further.
  • Acoustic wall panels – acoustic wall panels can be fitted to walls, reducing external noise. However, because they may interfere with your interior decoration, they may be best situated in rooms where they’re totally necessary.

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If you’re interested to learn more about how to control sound pollution in your home, get in touch with the team at Newview Homes. We’re experts in the installation of acoustic glass and have helped hundreds of homeowners create a more peaceful home environment. You can call us on 01903 244 449 or contact us online.