Regular maintenance is essential for keeping double glazed windows looking their best and working properly. Cleaning them is one thing, but extra considerations can help you achieve more impressive results. So, in order to help yours look better, we at Newview have listed some.

Stay away on sunny days!

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A number of online sources have highlighted that cleaning on a sunny day can cause a streaky finish on the glass, as the water dries before it can be wiped away. To achieve a pristine finish, clean the glass when the weather is not too hot, or sunny.

Get yourself an e-cloth

E-cloths tend to come with a cloth for cleaning and another for drying. The cleaning cloth isn’t abrasive, which’ll prevent any aesthetic damage to your double glazed windows. And, drying them is essential for a streak-free finish. E-cloths can be purchased online or from high street retailers.

Prepare the windows first

Loosening the dirt on your windows, prior to undertaking the more rigorous cleaning work, will achieve a better end result. Perform this using a damp, non-abrasive cloth or a dustpan and brush.

Warm soapy water

This may seem like an obvious one, however the beauty of it is that almost every household should have access to it. It’s also suitable for use on aluminium, timber and uPVC, meaning its essentially a universal window cleaner.

Be sure to maintain the working parts of the window

Handles, locking systems and hinges also need to be maintained, ideally every six months. Aesthetic damage is one thing, however a window that won’t open is particularly bothersome. A spray oil is great for maintaining these areas. Just be sure to remove any excess oil and keep it off the glass!

Perform maintenance regularly

Consistent upkeep is essential for window longevity. Cleaning the glazing and the framework should be done at least twice a year. However, some online sources have recommended cleaning the glass over half a dozen times, during this period.

Consider specific material cleaners, if necessary

If the dirt on your windows is proving to be irritatingly persistent, consider specific material cleaners. Aluminium and uPVC cleaners are readily available. However, avoid using any harsh chemicals, like bleach, as this will end up doing more bad than good to your windows.

Performing regular upkeep on your double glazed windows is a fantastic idea. It’ll help your home to look its best and increase your window’s lifespan. If you’re interested to learn more about window upkeep, or have any other window related queries, get in touch with us today. You can call us on 01903 244 449 or send us an online message.