Heathrow Christmas promo photoFor the third year running, the UK’s biggest airport, Heathrow, has released a Christmas advert featuring the Heathrow bears, Doris and Edward Bair. This year’s advert saw the Bairs travelling to the UK from the sunny pastures of Florida to celebrate Christmas. Although it was only released on the 8th of November, the advert has already had a significant impact on viewers, reducing some of them to tears! Recently, we paid a visit to the Heathrow Airport where we had the privilege of meeting the Bairs for ourselves!

Our history with Heathrow

Newview Windows & Conservatories has been fortunate enough to work with Heathrow Airport for some time now; we’re contracted with fitting sound-insulating windows to homes under newly created Heathrow flight paths. Since landing this contract in 2011, we’ve supplied hundreds of noise-reducing windows right across West London, Heathrow and Sussex.

Meeting Doris and Edward Bair

Coincidentally enough, the day of our visit to Heathrow coincided with the release of their 2018 Christmas advert. During the visit, we met with Heathrow’s Noise Attenuation Scheme Manager Dee Young along with the Bairs. It was a privilege to meet two of the most beloved Christmas figures in recent years, despite the obvious absence of conversation! Maybe next year we can discuss the Bair’s plans for the new year, although we’re not holding out much hope!

Watch the 2018 Heathrow Christmas advert below:

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