Orangery with white French Doors and white uPVC windows

If there’s one thing that can be said about home improvements and Newview’s involvement with them, it’s that both are incredibly versatile. While extensions may seem somewhat limited in terms of customisation to some when compared to the colour and size-matching capabilities of windows and doors, opting for an orangery means working with a blank canvas ready to suit almost any property.

The most natural choice of extension for the home

While the main advantage of having a conservatory installed is the large amount of surrounding glazing capable of being incorporated to let the light shine through, orangeries still allow this to happen, but instead incorporates a lot more brickwork. This much more solid construction means that every orangery we install feels like a much more natural part of the home, blurring the visual between what’s an extended and original part of a property.

Because our orangeries are only partially glazed, the surrounding solid pillars helps your new extension to be bolder and more defined than some other options. All Foundations and bases are installed to be robust and durable, assuring that every time you step into the space homeowners can feel confident that they’ll be safe, secure, and thanks to better insulation, more comfortable.

Colour-matched orangeries comprised of elegant brickwork

Prior to any orangery installation actually taking place, a member of our team make a point of discussing home ambitions with you as well as taking note of your existing property’s stone or brickwork construction. From here, we’ll do our best to find a suitable tone/pattern for your new orangery, ensuring that the finished result is a seamless match to the genuine article.

Orangery roof lantern

Orangeries are so elegant and seamless that after installation, they can be used for a wide range of home applications. Home office, gym, dining room, the list goes on. An internal perimeter helps to create a heightened sense of space from within, giving you the impression that you’re standing in any other original room of the property.

Suitable for properties of any age, style, and character

Whether you’re lucky enough to reside in a traditional Victorian property or something a little more contemporary, an orangery extension from Newview can be designed and installed to compliment. Though our conventional orangeries look good with any home, if there is a specific preference or odd style you’re hoping to cater for, it’s highly likely that our team can oblige.

Round out your home with an orangery from Newview

So if you’re considering a new extension for your home but are worried if an orangery is the correct choice, don’t be! Here at Newview, we specialise in offering local homeowners a whole suite of beautifully engineered orangery designs that are thermally efficient, stylish, and secure. For more information, call our team on 01903 244 449 or contact us online.