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Condensation build-up inside double glazing is a regular cause of concern for homeowners. The foggy appearance can be alarming, whilst the way double glazing performs can be affected. But is it possible to get rid of internal condensation once it’s occurred? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

How does condensation form in double glazing?

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass, which are also known as sealed units. These are separated by a spacer bar. Both panes are sealed between the glass and the frame, in order to prevent moisture from entering. Condensation build up on the outer part of the glass is perfectly normal, and occurs when the surface temperature of the window is cooler than the air inside the room. This is actually a sign that your windows are working properly. However, if the seals have started to fail, it can find its way between the panes of glass.

What effect will this have?

Sadly, if the seals have started to fail and condensation is building up between the panes of glass, the sealed units ability to retain heat is likely to be affected. This can lead to poorer energy efficiency, meaning you may have to pay more to adequately heat your home.

Is it preventable?

There are a number of ways you can help reduce the chance of condensation forming between the panes. This includes:

  • Regularly checking the seals to ensure there’s no failures. You can do this by running your finger along the seals and checking for breakages
  • Minimising the amount of moisture in your property by ensuring it’s well ventilated. Using a dehumidifier is another way to bring moisture levels down
  • Avoid using chemically abrasive cleaning products on your windows as these can damage the seals

Can it be rectified?

You can reseal double glazing yourself, which will prevent condensation build-up, however this tends to work only temporarily. Therefore, the recommended solution is to have any faulty sealed units replaced. This is especially true for older double glazing which has failed.

Double glazing from Newview Windows & Conservatories

Double glazing from Newview comes with a 10 year guarantee. This means that, if the window seals fail before the guarantee is up, we’ll come and replace the units for you. As one of the leading glazing installers in the South East, we regularly receive glowing appraisals for our installation work. This means you can rest assured that you’ll receive both a fantastic product and service.

We can fit double glazing into any of our home improvement products including:

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