Reducing Heathrow noise

The information on this page concerns the following people:

  • Those that live in the catchment areas for Heathrow’s window replacement and noise insulation scheme, commonly known as their Night Noise Insulation Scheme and Day Noise Insulation scheme.
  • Those that live in the smaller catchment area for Heathrow’s Quieter Homes Scheme.

If you live further afield you can still benefit from Newview’s soundproofing expertise. for window sound insulation.

What are the different Heathrow Noise Schemes?

The offerings and catchment areas for each scheme are slightly different– but all involve a contribution toward a range of noise insulation products for homeowners living close to Heathrow through the Heathrow Noise Scheme.

An infographic explaining the Heathrow noise reduction scheme

How Heathrow Noise Might be Affecting You

Noise pollution may be detrimental to psychological and physiological health. Predominantly, noise pollution has been linked with:

  • Hypertension
  • Increased Stress Levels
  • Hearing Problems
  • Disturbances in one’s sleep

Combined or singularly, these detrimental consequences of living in a highly noise-polluted area can have a significant impact on overall quality of life – causing problems at home, work, and in general mental health.

Fortunately, Heathrow are fully committed to reducing noise and impacting nearby homeowners and residents as little as possible with the Heathrow Noise Scheme. To reduce noise from Heathrow, the company have committed to building less noisy planes, restricting operations with a view to reducing noise, and working with governments and communities to this end.

They’ve had much success, and have reduced Heathrow’s noise footprint tremendously since 1974.

Newview Windows are a Heathrow Noise Scheme provider

However, many residents may still be affected, which is why Newview are proud to be one of only two of the scheme’s providers, working closely with Heathrow to improve the lives of residents.
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  • Heathrow Secondary Glazing

What You Could Get: Noise Insulation and Window Replacement.

The monetary contribution you’re entitled to varies according to each scheme:

Day Noise Insulation Scheme

  • 50% monetary contribution toward replacement noise-reducing windows and doors for the whole house – or free secondary glazing.
  • Free loft insulation and through wall ventilation

This scheme covers those affected by Heathrow noise disturbance between 6:00am and 11:30pm

Night Noise Insulation Scheme

  • 50% monetary contribution toward replacement noise-reducing windows and doors for bedroom or bedsitting rooms – free secondary glazing
  • Free loft insulation and through wall ventilation

This scheme covers those affected by noise disturbance between 11:30pm and 06:00am

Heathrow Quieter Homes Scheme

  • An independent noise assessment survey determining your home’s specific needs – all of which will be paid for up front with the exception of loft insulation which will be reimbursed after you’ve spent an agreed amount.

This scheme covers those living closest to Heathrow.

Our Noise Insulation Expertise with sound insulation windows

Since 2011, we have been the leading installer of Rehau Window’s industry-leading acoustic glass: a design which yields 22x more noise reduction than common alternatives. We’re experts in the installation and technical specifications of this product.

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We also offer high-quality through-wall and loft insulation.

Who’s Eligible? Where are the Heathrow Noise Insulation Scheme’s Boundaries?

The level of funding and scheme available vary depending on how far your home is from Heathrow. Those eligible for the Quieter Homes Scheme (1200 homes) who’d not previously benefited were written to in May of 2017, so if you’ve moved close to Heathrow since then, or you misplaced the letter, you may still be eligible.

The catchment areas for the Night Noise Insulation scheme and the Day Noise Insulation scheme are much larger – 8100 and 41,000 homes respectively. To find out if you qualify for the Day or Night Insulation scheme, or if you think you or a previous homeowner missed out on the communication regarding the Quieter Homes scheme, get in touch with the Heathrow Noise Helpdesk on 0800 344844 or email