• Stable door open view

A stylish rear door solution

Barn style stable doors can be installed in the place of a standard back door, a utility door, or into a conservatory. Compared with a conventional uPVC rear door, they offer a more stylish alternative which can help to add charm and character to your home. When compared with a timber rear door, they are also a much lower maintenance alternative, not requiring the same levels of treatment to prevent swelling and shrinking in adverse weather conditions.

With their traditional design, our stable doors are perfect for installation in older properties and restoration projects, as well as in new build homes to add character.

Practical design features

Stable doors from Newview are not only charming and stylish, but their unique functionality offers highly practical benefits to the homeowner. Our stable doors can either operate as a regular door, with the two halves of the door remaining connected, as well as having both halves operate independently. This functionality means that they are an ideal solution to having additional ventilation where required, combined with the security of being able to keep the door securely locked.

The dual opening action of our stable doors is a particularly useful feature for homeowners who may wish to keep an eye on children or pets in a garden or outdoor space without having to fully open the door.