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Independently tested and secure for the ultimate fire protection

Protecting you and your home for up to 30 mins, fire doors are specifically designed and rigorously tested to prevent the spread of fire throughout the building, allowing you much more time to escape. Boasting a fire resistant foam core and a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) textured finish, our fire door range is one of the best options around in terms of ultimate safety and protection.

All of our insulated fire doors have been independently tested by outside verifiers to ensure that the 44mm thick slab featured in the frame is more than sufficient to withstand harsh fire. Not only can they be trusted to perform as a 30 mins rated fire door, but they can also meet the full requirements needed to achieve ‘Secured By Design’ approval. This ensures that they are just as effective against intruders as they are the elements.

Fantastic energy efficiency and thermal performance as a given

Because our fire doors are specifically designed to be the highest performing possible, great energy efficiency is automatically always guaranteed. With a ‘U’-Value that is at least 3 times better than a solid timber door, our 30-minute resistant fire doors easily exceed the latest standards for energy efficiency. Homeowners will be able to save money on their financial bills as well as retain the heat already in the home.

Benefits of a fire door from Newview:

  • 30 mins of protection in the home in the event of a fire
  • ECOFRAME slab with is made from 15% recycled plastic based materials
  • 3 times more energy efficient as a solid timber door
  • SBD accreditation for intruder protection
  • 10 year guarantee on every fire door

High performance with 6 styles and 5 colours available

When opting for a high performance and insulating fire door from Newview you can always be assured that you are getting a product that easily delivers beyond the base specification, but they are also a stylish choice also. With 6 varying styles that range from Livingstone to Columbus, we’re confident that we have an aesthetic option suitable for your home, all wrapped up in authentic timber visuals.

Further customisation options are also provided to give homeowners their desired choice of shade and tone. The standard 5 colours are made up of, white, black, red, blue and green, all charming with a grain wood-effect that helps to enhance the authentic feel of timber whilst still providing many exceptional modern performance capabilities.

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