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The ultimate in fire protection, verified via external testing

Designed to stop the spread of fire throughout a building, our fire doors have undergone rigorous testing, ensuring they prevent fire spreading for 30 minutes. With a textured GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin and fire resistant foam core, they provide some of the highest levels of protection on the market.

The 44mm thick slab that fits into the frame has undergone strenuous external testing in order to verify its ability to endure severe levels of fire. With ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation and an automatic multi-point locking system, homeowners can rest assured that our fire doors protect their homes from intruders just as well as the elements.

Exceptional performance and elegant styling

Thanks to an ultra-dense, super insulating foam core, a fire door from Newview can achieve U-values at least 3 times better than a solid timber door. These exceptional levels of thermal performance ensure homes are kept warm, saving homeowners money on energy bills.

Their sleek, textured finish ensures the exterior looks incredibly stylish. With 6 varying styles, including Magellan and Columbus, and 5 standard colours to choose from, a fire door from Newview can be adapted to meet your own distinctive tastes. Customise yours further with fire rated letter plates, knockers, numerals and viewers.

Benefits of a fire door from Newview

  • 30 minutes of fire protection in the event of a fire
  • ECOFRAME slab is constructed from 15% recycled plastic based materials
  • Available in a range of customisation options to suit individual tastes
  • Rigorous security with ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation
  • 10 year guarantee on every fire door

Specialist fire door installers

Installing a fire door correctly requires specialist knowledge and training. If one is fitted without following the correct procedure, it will not perform as it should, potentially compromising the safety of ‘protected’ inhabitants. Plus, any add-ons must be tested before attachment, or they shouldn’t be fitted. Fortunately, our installers are expertly trained and vastly experienced employing the correct installation procedure. Having completed BMTRADA training, an installer from Newview will fit your new fire door right first time, leaving it to protect your home as it should.

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