Connect inside & out with stylish, secure bifold doors

Bifold doors are usually glazed with large glass panels that let plenty of light in and are made from a series of panels so that they can slide open, folding up against the wall like a concertina.

Bifolding doors are perfectly suited for modern living. They are perfect for opening up spaces and connecting the inside of a home to the outside, effectively bringing the outdoors in.

They allow almost the entire entrance to be opened up. When installed with a single height floor level inside & out and you have a seamless living space and movement between the inside of your home and your garden, ideal for modern living.

External bifold doors are usually installed at the back of a property, leading into a garden or garden room and are available in a variety of colour options and materials like wood, upvc and aluminium.

aluminium bifold door installation

What are the benefits of fitting bi-fold doors?

Bifold doors maximise space and light

A set of bi folding doors will really maximise the amount of natural light your room gets, and having ample natural light helps to create the impression of more space. Bifolds offer a natural and very large window frame for any views outside, creating an unhindered view of your outdoor space or the scenery beyond.

Natural light also promotes a variety of health living benefits, such as boosting vitamin D production and, according to research, promoting positivity and feelings of calmness.

Available in huge range of sizes

One of the brilliant things about how bifold doors work is that they are suitable for both small and large apertures. There is a great deal of variation in leaf size – we offer standard leaf sizes between 400mm and 1200mm wide, which means they’re perfect for large entranceways in which traditional French doors would be too small.

It’s possible to create a bifold door configuration to fit your space. Using more leaves or panels allows you to create a vast, glass wall which can be completely opened up to your outdoor space.

Available in a range of colours and materials

Bifold doors are available in a variety of materials like wood, upvc and aluminium. Timber bifold doors are particularly aesthetically pleasing and aluminium bifold doors are a popular choice for the modern home owner. You’ll also find a multitude of colour options available.

If you opt to go for aluminium bifold doors, you will have a huge variety of colours and finishes to choose from, creating a bespoke entrance that perfectly matches the style of your home.

Are bifold doors secure?

Security is also a major advantage, as exterior bifold doors will feature a locking system spread over multiple points of the sliding track instead of simply at one point. This combination of key locking multi-point locking system and hidden inline tracking system makes it almost impossible for any intruder to lift the bi-fold doors out of their mechanism.

Are bifold doors energy efficient?

A common question we get is will bi-fold doors let the cold in. The answer is that modern, properly specified and fitted bifold doors are just as effective at sealing the cold and drafts out of your home as conventional doors.

The type of glass fitted will have a big influence on the thermal efficiency of your doors. Using energy efficient glass (with an R-value of at least 4.0) and a special lining helps to maximise efficiency. The choice of door frame material will also have varying properties, with timber often being engineered to maximise thermal insulation and aluminium has a thermal break that helps keep heat transfer to a minimum.

How much do bifold doors cost?

This depends on a number of factors, including the size of aperture (how many leaves are needed), the type of material used (uPVC, aluminium or wood), the system and profile of the bifolds (slimline frames, smooth glide & flush systems) and what finish your choose.Supplier Brochures

How can we help you?

If you’d like to know more about how bifold doors work and if they’re suitable for your home, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your options with one of our experts.

Newview can help you to select, design and install bifold doors to enhance your home, get in touch by emailing or call us on 01903 244449.


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