Doors suited to any home with cats or small dogs


If your home is no stranger to the odd furry friend or two you can rest easy knowing that here at Newview, we supply a plethora of comprehensive door styles that makes use of pre-installed cat flaps.

Easy to maintain, customisable and designed to never corrupt the existing levels of insulation in the home, each cat flap door we provide are ideal for homeowners wanting great looks and performance as well as easier access for their loved pets.

Still available in your choice of specific colour, style and size, once having a cat flap door installed you can spend less time opening and closing the door to let them in, instead giving them unlimited access at your leisure.

Pre-installed to remove any potential hassle or worry

Whereas the most popular way of installing a cat flap requires you to cut out a specific section of your home’s existing uPVC or timber door panel, at Newview we remove this messy process by providing a flexible cat flap pre-installed. This particularly ideal if you’re a homeowner that already has pets in the home, or at least know you will sometime in the near future. Save yourself the time and hassle beforehand, opt for a door with a cat flap pre-installed from our range.

Benefits of installing a door with a cat flap

  • Improved and much easier access for cats and small breeds of dog
  • Available in multiple door styles and configurations
  • Cat-flap comes pre-installed for instant use with your new door
  • Will not affect the home’s energy efficiency or thermal insulation qualities

A pet-friendly home is a happier home

The durable cat flaps featured in our range of compatible entrance doors come weathertight, flush in the panel to assure that the homes in which they are installed continue to remain thermally efficient, secure and high performing. They successfully keep the elements out of your home whilst letting your cat or small dog to pass through at their leisure to make for an all round pet-friendly property.

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