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Commercial capacity with a personal service

As well as supplying high quality services to the domestic market, we are experienced in providing full glazing solutions and consultancy services for clients operating on both regional and national scales.

At Newview, we pride ourselves on providing commercial clients and architects with a superlative service, and have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of glazing products to this sector – the result of our success culminating in us gaining prestigious contracts such as becoming a main contractor to Heathrow Airport and being the first installer in the UK to fit Rehau’s new composite ‘Geneo’ window for Kier London.

Impartial consultancy and technical expertise

As commercial glazing experts, we know what it takes to be the ideal commercial partner. That is why we are knowledgeable about product specifications. We will interpret your requirements, configurations and data, in order to be able to provide the most cost effective glazing available. This is a rare method in the commercial glazing sector – and one that we are very proud to offer all of our commercial clients.

We are also unique in that we are one of the only installers in the country of our size that doesn’t manufacture. This gives us a distinct advantage in that we can offer impartial consultancy advice, and complete independence of product – which results in a lot of flexibility to fit client demand.

Unrivalled technical expertise

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We have unparalleled expertise in the industry, and so are well equipped to deal with the specifications of a range of commercial clients. Our knowledge of the best products and the benefits that they offer means that we can advise on architectural possibilities and bespoke projects – all with cost saving in mind.

Our expertise also led to a unique partnership with REHAU, to offer their high performance curtain walling – this highlights our reliability as commercial partners within the industry.

Why choose Newview for your commercial projects?

  • Technical expertise – we will understand your requirements
  • We always get the best deal for our customers
  • Impartial consultancy advice – we will advise on what is possible or not
  • We will help you to source bespoke products, that help to meet specifications for all projects
  • Will work in partnership throughout the whole process
  • We have worked with a range of commercial partners, including Heathrow Airport and the Kier Group
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