Just like our focus on corporate social responsibility, which includes things like having emission trackers in our company vehicles and raising money for charities, we also have a company-wide focus on sustainability and the environment.

The sustainability and environmental responsibility of Newview home improvements

The construction industry sector accounts for 33% of all of Britain’s waste, as well as 60% of all its material use. With the effects of climate change making themselves more and more known, it’s exceedingly important that everybody plays their part to improve things. That’s why at Newview Windows & Conservatories, we make it one of our aims to minimise our carbon footprint.

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Efficient supply chain management

At Newview, we manage our supply chain in a way that makes it more sustainable, rather than solely focusing on other areas. Reducing waste, improving our operational efficiency, and minimising our use of energy and raw materials significantly improves our sustainability. We’ve made a commitment to sustainability.

As a company that provides energy-efficient home improvements, we help our customers reduce their home’s impact on the environment too, as they’ll be less likely to resort to harmful methods of heating their properties.

Newview and SEDEX

Our commitment to our moral responsibility doesn’t overlap with our need to deliver a world-class commercial installation service. In 2019, we joined SEDEX, a global membership organisation that seeks to drove responsible business practices whilst improving the lives of people in global supply chains. It’s important to everyone at Newview that we’re not playing a part in being a harmful force, and are instead being a force for good, and with everything going on these days, it’s never been more important than right now.

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