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Sleek and stylish for any home rear or extension

Made from uPVC, sliding patio doors are a great choice for any property owner who wishes to open their house onto a patio, porch or garden area. Featuring large panes of glass, patio doors offer maximum visibility to help bring the outdoors inside, allowing in large amounts of daylight which helps to create the sense of a large, airy interior space. Because of their slim sightlines and large panes of glass, our patio doors are also the perfect choice for use in extensions or conservatories, and can be installed with a choice of pane options depending on the size of the available aperture.

Newview patio doors not only look great, but they are also made from high quality uPVC profiles which incorporate innovative designs to make them both attractive and efficient. Our doors offer all of the performance benefits from a modern uPVC construction, with high levels of acoustic insulation, low maintenance levels, and security and energy efficiency performance which satisfies current building regulations. Combined with their multiple configuration options – open in or out, number of panes – and additional decorative options, Newview patio doors are a truly versatile choice for virtually any property.

Advantages of a Patio door from Newview:

  • Panels of our sliding patio doors have increased width compared to other options, allowing more light in your home
  • Their sliding nature means that their breadth can conveniently be halved instantly, putting your garden on full view and saves living space
  • Sliding doors means thinner frames which helps reduce garden obstruction

High quality Patio doors that never stop giving

A gliding patio door supplied and installed by Newview can help welcome the beauty of nature inside your home without taking up masses of living space, still offering maximum amounts of outside visibility. Whether in an extension or a conservatory, our sliding patio doors can benefit your home all year round.

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